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About project

Creating telecommunication information space in GUAM region for remote scientific and technical cooperation

On June 2nd 2008, Secretary General of Organization for Democracy and Economic Development GUAM supported the scientific project submitted to Ukrainian Scientific and Technical Center (STCU) for financial consideration, by addressing a letter to the Executive Director of USTC. The proposal registered as STCU Project N4509 intends to create a telecommunication and information space in GUAM region for remote scientific and technical cooperation. The Executive Director of STCU acknowledged the Secretariat that the project was approved for financing by STCU Governing Board at its 26th Meeting which took place on June 19, 2008 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The STCU Project N4509 will receive 96,425 Euros for financing project activities.
The PowerPoint presentation of STCU Project N4509 (3,4Mb) can be accessed here.

The Ukrainian Scientific and Technical Center approved the project “Creation of unique information environment in GUAM community for remote training and technical and scientific cooperation” supported financially by European Union, United States and Canada (please see: Financing of activities started October 1, 2008 and the project was presented within USTC on November 27, 2008. The project intends to create a unique infrastructure based on research and instructive computer networks of Georgia (GRENA network), of Ukraine (UARNET network), of Azerbaijan (AZERNA network) and of Moldova (Informational resources Center of Academy of Science of Moldova). The infrastructure is also assuring connection with “Electronic Caucaz” and “Virtual Silk Path” projects. Project plans include organization of local scientific and technical server, of GUAM scientific and technical server, of joint machine-building and joint analysis of scientific research and experiment results and of remote training server. The project plans also to create two applications: 1) “Internet Projecting” and 2) “Internet Training” for GUAM experts. Appropriate programs for joint remote activities will be introduced in above named servers.

The informational acknowledgment of experts will be ensured by creating national websites of: institutions of scientific and training research; of experts and scholars according to field of activity; of scientific problems that need assistance from alien experts; and others.

The project consists from two levels: 1) Development of experiments and presentation of project draft forecasted for September 2009 and 2) Application of’ GUAM country achievements and proposed technico-scientific solutions. The financing of second level activities is scheduled to be revised by the Administrative Council of USTC at the end of 2009 according to expertise of the project draft achievements.